this project is focused around the composition of three constructed pseudo-natural landscape conditions. the first one being hydroponic agriculture, the second being community agriculture, and the third being the urban park. the architecture lies in the collapsing of the three into a single plane of view to create a fourth sublime condition. the project looks at the urban park as landscape and how that might fit onto the site of the harlem river, and how the project could blend into the pedestrian park at the ground level, and draw users up into it through the underbelly. thus, three layers of constructed nature and three publics, all of which are ultimately just one.
through an analysis of the tomato plant, the atmospheric conditions of hydroponic means of growth were prioritized. capturing the boundary between the lighter social zone versus the thicket of agriculture machinery, and what it means to occupy a space adjacent to production. the network of community agriculture already happening around harlem and the bronx was an important stakeholder in the project, which acts as a node for a network of production and exchanges, and becomes a vessel for interaction between people and their constructed landscape and food. ​​​​​​​
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